Introducing Metro Alert

LifeLine Critical Care Transport has teamed with Metro Aviation, Inc. to provide a smartphone app that improves the ease and timeliness of requesting and responding LifeLine helicopters to first responders in the field. The Metro Alert App was designed to promote rapid aeromedical aircraft activation and response. The app automatically captures your GPS location and assists the LifeLine Communications Center to quickly identify the closest LifeLine helicopter to the incident scene.

Using the app, first reponders may immediately place a LifeLine Helicopter in a “stand-by” status, which may reduce the overall respone time of the aircraft to an incident. The app does not replace the traditional local request/response protocols that are in place, but rather promotes a more efficient response by the aircraft and improves the patient care continuum.

First Responders using the Metro Alert app should still follow their local protocols and operating procedures, notifying their public safety answering point (PSAP) or dispatch center that a LifeLine Helicopter response is needed. Once a request is received via the app, the LifeLine Communications Center will work simultaneously with onscene responders by contacting the jurisdiction’s PSAP or Dispatch Center to confirm the request and collaborate the response. Additional information and app instructions emailSherry Secrest by clicking her name.